Carpet Stretching, Repair and Furniture Moving

Furniture Removal Services

To clean your carpets properly, we’ll naturally need access to the entire floor! If you’re unable to remove the furniture yourself, we can help you remove any furniture or heavy objects that may be getting in the way – all for a small service fee.   Be sure to get the whole floor cleaned right the first time!

Don’t Replace That Carpet! Repair it!

Restretching and Repairing is our specialty.

We are professionally educated repair experts who know how to properly repair your carpet, and may be able to save you from the cost of replacing your carpet! Do you have ripples in your carpet? Rippled carpet can result from improper installation where it wasn’t stretched adequately so it became loose over time. Though you may think you can only replace the carpet when it starts to buckle, that’s usually not the case. It is not uncommon for carpet to buckle, and even as soon as 3-5 years after installation.  Restretching carpet can not only improve the appearance and increase the life of the carpet, but it reduces the risk of a tripping hazard in your home.

Hiring a professional may sound expensive, but the consumer is paying for the education and experience of an expert.  Turning to a professional, however, is often the best course of action to avoid having to replace carpet that can otherwise be saved and reduce any further damage. Flooring is very expensive and once that investment is made, you want to make it last as long as possible.  Repairing carpet tears, holes, or stains, from fire or water damage, or just regular use, will not only brings back its aesthetic value, but it may also prevent further damage.  Carpets can also be re-glued, re-stretched, and even have padding replaced without replacing the carpet itself. Proper and regular cleaning can prolong the life of your floors, as well as proper repair of burns, tears, and permanent stains.  Most often a qualified repair expert can save your investment reducing overall costs to you.  However you will want to be sure you have an expert repairman on the job, as a do-it-yourself fix-it job, may void your flooring guarantee with the company who makes it.

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Carpet Stretching, Repair and Furniture Moving

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