Why You Should NEVER DIY Your Own Carpet Cleaning, and Why You Should Call Rocky Mountain Clean Pro!

You might be tempted to try DIY carpet cleaning — but it’s got some ugly risks. Here’s why to invest in a professional carpet cleaning in Castle Rock and Douglas County instead.

Spring is ALMOST here! We can hardly believe it. To celebrate the fresh bare feet on plush clean carpet, we’re sharing some great advise about carpet cleaning.

From Pinterest to HGTV, it seems like the whole world has embraced the trend of do-it-yourself (DIY) living.

And among this DIY movement, is carpet cleaning.

We get it — at-home carpet cleaning has its perks. It tends to be cheaper and more convenient than professional jobs.

But what are you sacrificing in return?

Here are seven reasons you might want to stick with professional carpet cleaners in Castle Rock, rather than DIY.

1. Poor Results

Simply put, you’ll not get as good of a cleaning with an at-home carpet cleaner.

Store-bought machines not only lack the power of professional equipment, and just like the steam cleaning carpet cleaning professionals, they also pour gallons of water into your carpet pad breaking down its life span and creating mold and mildew.

Rocky Mountain Clean Pro uses a fraction of the water in our cleaning process and we get a better clean!  We guarantee it!  We even have a $50,000 challenge that says that any professional competitor CAN’T beat our clean!

2. Damp Carpet for Days

Along with removing less dirt, at-home cleaners also remove less water from your carpet after it’s cleaned.

While commercial carpet cleaning in Castle Rock will leave your carpet almost totally dry, in fact, our ion exchange dries in 1-2 hours!! DIY machines typically leave your carpet damp for several hours or even days.

This means that not only do you have to wait longer to walk on your carpet, you also have to deal with the smelly odors that come along with damp carpet.

3. Mold Buildup

Smelly odors aren’t the only problem with damp carpet.

Wet carpet is also a prime breeding ground for dangerous mold and mildew — not what you want after cleaning your carpet.

Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

Rocky Mountain Clean Pro’s Ion Exchange Cleaning  uses very little moisture to obtain fantastic results. The fast drying method ensures that your carpets will not be overly wet and will not breed bacteria into the backing of the carpet.  Steam Cleaning (hot water extraction) is notorious for leaving carpets wet for up to two or more days.

4. Delaminated Carpet

Another problem with wet carpet is that it could lead to carpet delamination, AKA when the secondary backing of your carpet gets separated from the primary backing.

Carpet loses 85% of its structural integrity when wet. So when you’re dealing with DIY cleaners that don’t fully dry your carpet, you may end up with a delaminated carpet.

5. Brown Discoloration

When DIY carpet cleaners dispense too much water or cleaning solution, they can actually leave additional brown stains on your carpet — forcing you to clean the area yet again.

Ironic, right?

The Rocky Mountain Clean Pro system uses Ion Exchange Process which was designed to clean the dirtiest of carpets safely, effectively and quickly, while still using a low moisture process.  The cleaning solution is specifically designed to remove the residue left behind from other carpet cleaners and leaves ABSOLUTELY NO  residue itself !  This way your carpet stays cleaner longer.

There are so many steam cleaners in the marketplace today with virtually the same method for carpet cleaning as the DIY Cleaning method, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other.

6. Shrinkage

Yet another side effect caused by over-wetting your carpet is shrinkage.

While you may be able to stretch the carpet back into place if the shrinkage is slight enough, you may very well have to replace your carpet altogether.  Our system does NOT over wet!

7. Rapid Re-soiling

A final problem with DIY carpet cleaning is that it can actually cause your carpet to soil faster in the future.

The high residue content of the detergent left behind by store-bought machines as well as Steam Cleaners, wears away at the carpet, meaning it’ll start to get dirty more often.

Again — not exactly the end result you’re looking for when cleaning your carpets!  Rocky Mountain Clean Pro leaves NO residue behind!  We guarantee it!


6 Responses to “Why You Should NEVER DIY Your Own Carpet Cleaning, and Why You Should Call Rocky Mountain Clean Pro!”

  1. Elizabeth Diec

    Hi there, great post! I did have a question though I think you could answer. What is the best way you know of to get pet stains out of carpets? I just purchased a home and the carpets are a mess. I really appreciate any advice you can give.

    • admin

      Hi Elizabeth, Call your local CleanPro Carpet cleaner. They can come over and give you free estimate on what it would cost to get those pet stains out and the odor too!

  2. Randy Chorvack

    I had no idea that shrinkage could be a potential problem with cleaning carpet. I wonder what happens when carpet shrinks since it’s nailed down to the floor. I’ll definitely get a professional to help me so that I don’t have to find out.

  3. Daphne Gilpin

    Thanks for explaining that using too much cleaning solution can leave even more stains on our carpet, which will need to be cleaned again. My husband and I will be hosting a party this weekend, and we discussed the idea of cleaning our carpets to help our home look presentable. I’m glad I read your article because you helped convince me that hiring a professional carpet cleaning service would be worth the cost!

  4. Tammie Houston

    Our carpet has been spilled out with water and any other liquor beverage for countless times. My husband is thinking of hiring a professional cleaner to clean it or to do DIY cleaning. I highly agree with your comment that it is better to call a carpet cleaning company because they have the right equipment to clean all the dirt and to remove all the excessive dust. I’ll be surely relaying your information to my husband for his reference. Cheers!

  5. Ron Booker

    I like that you said that when hiring a carpet cleaner is important to check for their experience because too much water or cleaning solution can leave additional brown stains. My wife and I are thinking of cleaning our carpet because it seems to have dust. I’m going to take your advice and look for a professional cleaner to help us out.


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